On elections

ACT Chapter member Malcolm Baalman has a new site on elections and it’s well worth a look: https://onelections.net/

From the site:

This site is a blog as well as an information repository dealing with the voting systems used to elect the world’s national parliaments. I assume most people will enter it through it’s ‘home’ pages as a blog. Welcome and enjoy.

This blog is not really intended to be a political debate space; commentary on wider political current affairs, especially partisan comments, should be kept to the minimum necessary to illuminate electoral systems.

Comments relating to the electoral system design policies of past and current legislators, their partisan motivations in legislating to change voting systems, and actual legislative decisions – all these are certainly appropriate subjects for discussion.

The scope of ‘voting systems’ covered by this site is the core ballot paper design and vote counting methods by which voters elect politicians. This site is not directly concerned with related issues such as the timing of elections, electoral administration, integrity and fairness of elections, freedom of the press at election times, and other such wider political issues.




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