Australian Senate occasional lecture: Small Parties, big changes.


Dr Zareh Ghazarian, lecturer in politics and international relations at Monash University, is giving a Senate occasional lecture this Friday on the subject on minor parties.

Minor parties have become major players in Australian politics. Hundreds
of minor parties have contested elections throughout Australian political
history, but only a handful have won parliamentary representation. While
winning seats in the House of Representatives has been difficult for many
minor parties, they have been far more successful in Senate contests.
This Lecture marks the 40th anniversary of the election of the Australian
Democrats to the Senate. It charts the rise of minor parties in the chamber
and constructs an analytical framework to explain their diversity and how
they became the powerful actors they are today. Dr Ghazarian concludes
that there has been a change in the type of minor party elected to the
Senate. Rather than be created as a result of fragmentation in a major party,
newer minor parties are mobilised by broad social movements with the aim
of advancing specific policy agendas. As a result, they look set to remain an
important component of Australian politics and government in the future.

When: 12:15 to 1:15pm, Friday, 17 March 2017
Where: Theatre, Parliament House




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