2019 Conference – Parliaments navigating disruption

This year’s annual ASPG conference will be hosted by the ACT Chapter, and held at Australian Parliament House from Wednesday 2 October to Friday 4 October 2019.


Parliaments perform a number of key democratic functions. They represent, legislate, form the executive, and hold that executive to account. While these functions have more or less remained constant throughout the history of parliamentary democracy, powerful executives, technological disruption and the diversity and inclusion agenda all pose challenges (and opportunities) for parliaments in performing the legislative, representative and accountability aspects of their remit.
Innovation offers the chance for parliaments to assert their democratic pre-eminence, but not without risk.

The conference theme is deliberately broad so we can consider how, as parliamentarians, parliamentary officials, academics, journalists and other stakeholders, we guide and manage the health of our parliamentary form of government.

Possible areas of exploration include, but are not limited to:

• The role of a professional parliamentary service
• Constitutional change—how constitutional arrangements impact on the capacity of parliaments to perform their accountability, representative and legislative roles in the 21st century
• Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, and Maori voices and perspectives of parliament
• Representation of minority groups
• Parliamentary privilege and the exercise of executive functions
• Access to documents and information—balancing security with scrutiny
• The role of parliaments in assessing the effectiveness of their legislation
• Productive use of technology to engage citizens
• The use of social media to influence parliamentary debate


We are now inviting expressions of interest (EOIs) to present at the conference.
If you’d like to lodge an EOI, send an email with a short abstract explaining how your presentation will address a particular element of the conference theme to aspg2019.sen@aph.gov.au by Friday 10 May 2019.


Friday 10 May – deadline for EOIs to the Chapter
Friday 24 May – acceptance of EOI proposals
Friday 14 June – presenters’ biographies due to the Chapter
Friday 20 September – final conference paper and details of technical support due to the Chapter
Wednesday 2 October to Friday 4 October – conference


If you’d like more information, please contact the chair of ASPG’s ACT Chapter:
Toni Matulick
Phone: 02 6277 3232
Email: aspg2019.sen@aph.gov.au

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